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Day 907 : First of the Month

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings to start off the day. Responded to some pretty deep community questions. Had to do some research. haha When I reply to questions, ask follow up questions so I can make sure I understand. Then I go and find links that I can post as a reference for the person so they can not only see my reply, but know where they can go for more info just in case something similar happens. Had a few like that. I did get a bunch done on a demo for an upcoming conference. Basically, I'm piecing together other applications I made. haha

  • Personal : Last night, I'm 99% sold on a piece of land I've been looking at. I even found a video on YouTube of a person walking and driving around the town. They actually drove right by the lot, haha. Found another video about how the town is investing in itself for the future. I sent an email to the realtor. Not sure if they responded yet. I went through Bandcamp and selected the tracks that I'll pick up and post about on Friday and put them in a document. I'm waiting till then because on the first Friday of the month, artists make more money off each sale. I did a quick test to see if something would work for my current side project and it worked! I thought I solved another issue I had, but one app took over the microphone from another app I was using. I was soooo close! haha Pretty satisfied with my output and ended the night watching "Rurouni Kenshin".

A photo of pink, orange, and purple clouds over a mountain range. The clouds are backlit by the sun, which is setting behind the mountains. In the foreground, there is a dark mountain peak. The sky is clear and there are no visible stars. The location is Above Žalý, Czechia

Going to finish up the Bandcamp posts for tomorrow by getting the social media accounts of the artists I found. I want to put together the radio show playlist for Saturday. Going to start taking the layouts I made for my side project's admin section a reality. It's the 1st of the month so time to pay my bills. End the night watching "Rurouni Kenshin". Going to eat dinner and get started.

Have a great night!

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