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Day 715 : Take It Easy

liner notes:

  • Professional : Did not feel well at all this morning. The temperature dropped a lot quickly and I think that may have messed me up. I even slept through my first meeting with the team. My managers told me to take it easy and feel better. Had a couple of more meetings. Finished up some slides that were assigned to me for a training session coming up. Got some pull requests I made merged. Met with some folks to discuss a sample application and work some details. Not a bad day. I'm tired. haha

  • Personal : Went through some tracks for the radio show. I saw that my company's RSU were issued to me but not in my account yet. Also got the email that my investment account was set up. Spent the rest of the night getting my side project up and running on my Chromebook that just came back to me. Then went to sleep.

A river with blue and turquoise water winding through Torres del Paine, Chile with snow-topped mountains in the distance partially covered by low clouds.

So I looked at my account and the RSU showed up. Definitely smaller than I originally expected, but I think it is because taxes where taken out. I'm a little further away from my goal than I calculated. I'll get there eventually. Going to go through tracks and pick up some projects on Bandcamp. I want to start pulling the data I got uploaded from the dashboard for the side project to show up on the front end. Not sure how far I will get because I want to get some rest. I want to watch a couple of "Spy x Family" episodes also.

Have a great night!

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