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Day 684 : Flawless

liner notes:

  • Saturday : I didn't really do anything leading up to the radio show. Woke up late and just worked on the radio show. There was a basketball game so I did the show from my van again. Had a good time. The recording of this week's show is up at

Radio show episode image of a chart showing SNAP average participation and inflation-adjusted spending, fiscal year 2000-2021 with the words Jan 28th 2023 Year of OUR Lord

  • Sunday : Definitely had a rough time getting up, but doing the cyphers got me out of bed and I'm glad I did. Got a bunch of stuff done. Recorded a video for a friend. Finally figured out a hurdle that was blocking me on this new side project. Not a bad day. Ended the night watching "Trigun Stampede".

  • Professional : Had a meeting as the first thing of the day. It was good seeing everyone. We are starting a new sprint, so we wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Spent the rest of the day replying to some developers and upgrading a sample project in a repo.

  • Personal : So I think I may have figured out how I'm going to do authentication and authorization on this new platform for my side project that will make it easier for other people to deploy the project. I just did it with the starter sample project, but everything seems to be working. I did run into an issue where the token expires in an hour, but I figured out a way to check and if it is expired, get a new token and then make the request. I've let the token expire a couple of times and it got a new token and went through just fine. The authentication and authorization for the admin section was a big point for me. So that I think I've got a handle on it, I can really go full force with the project.

A river with a water fall flowing through some moss covered hills with a large mountain in the distance under some cloudy skies in Salto Grande, Chile

Going to start designing out the admin section of my side project and what I want people to be able to do and get a working proof of concept. I also want to start putting down who I want pages on different routes to look like. I have ideas in my brain, but I want to get it down on paper and start fleshing it out with designs. It'll be a rough design for now, it doesn't need to be flawless or anything. I want to end the night watching "You People" on Netflix. There's also a new episode of "Vinland Saga" on Netflix, so I may end early to be able to watch both.

Have a great night!

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