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Day 460 : Runnin

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Got up early to finish putting together the radio show. I got my new case for my phone. It's pretty cool. It has a stand that now I can view video with the screen unfolded. Pretty nice. I did some research on my new side project. Did my laundry. Then it was time to do the radio show. I got a little ranty because of all the things happening right now. Still had a good time doing the show though. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a photo of an officer on horseback pulling at a Haitian asylum seeker by the shirt with the words Sept 25th 2021 Higher Standard

  • Sunday : Was pretty productive day. Did the cyphers. I turned the scheduling app I made for my friends into a Progressive Web App that they can install the application onto their devices just like a regular app. This way, they don't have to keep opening the browser and typing in the URL. I also got all the files needed to get a start on my new side project. I also got a chance to do a bunch of research for the stuff I'll be doing on the project. Then I watched an episode of Boruto and "The Walking Dead".

  • Professional : Got some pretty good news to start of the week. The hackathon project that I worked on last week won the "Best Integration" award. Nice. The prize are some portable speakers. That's cool because I bought a projector for the van and the speakers could be a good complement to that. Speaking of the van, I'm thinking I'm going to take the next couple of weeks off so I can finally start working on the inside. Already cleared it with my manager. Other than that, had a couple of meetings and verified that some code I added to a demo actually works and the error I got was something beyond my control. Also got a chance to review a teammates new blog post.

  • Personal : This new side project is pretty interesting. I'm learning some new things I've never done before, but building on things I've done in other projects. Just leveling up little by little every project.

Dirt path in a forest that goes between 2 very large trees in Redwood State Park, CA, USA

From my research, I think I may have found some browser APIs that will do what I need my side project to do. Going to see if I can get something up and runnin'. If I can get that working, the rest is pretty much stuff I've done before. Going to eat dinner, watch Boruto and get started coding.

Have a great night!

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