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Day 457 : Today

liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew, what a day! Today was the final day of the hackathon. I finished up the project and created the presentation. Got to sit in and watch the demos from the first session for the EU/UK participants. A lot of really cool projects were created. I was taking some online trainings while waiting for the US demos to start. I got a notification about a Twitter Space that was happening. This one was about DevRel and since that is basically what I do, I went to check it out. I even spoke about my experiences a little bit. It was fun. Then it was time for the final demo session for the hackathon. More really good projects. It's pretty amazing what people can get done in like two days. Did my presentation and the demo worked and even had other people join. Pretty good day.

  • Personal : Last night, I just basically worked on making sure the hackathon project was at a point where it was working and any fine tuning I could do in the morning. Of course, while I'm working on the hackathon project, a friend hits me up about a quick side project I made for us. Apparently, Safari is picky about how Dates are formatted. It was throwing all sorts of errors. So I work on that as well. Got it working and also fixed some CSS stuff that was bugging me from before. A whole lot of coding happened last night.

View from atop a mountain looking into a cloud filled crater in Haleakala Crater, HI, USA at sunset

Running low on some supplies so I may place an order. I want to go through some tracks for the radio show. It's already the middle of the week! Going to watch an episode of Boruto. I may start trying out some layout ideas for my new side project. It's getting late because of the demo and I've got stuff to do.

Have a great night!

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