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Day 335 : Taking Notes

liner notes:

  • Professional : It was a heads down and work type of day. Had a couple of meetings, but other than that, I worked on updating a tutorial. Rewrote some code samples, reordered some steps and changed some text. I was also taking notes on how the other supported platforms like iOS and Android. Did a pull request to the repo so that a preview site would be deployed. Walked through the tutorial and everything still worked. Going to try it again tomorrow with fresh eyes.

  • Personal : Today was a much nicer day than yesterday. It was sunny and warm. Didn't do as many laps around the park because of meetings and focusing on the tutorial, but the couple of times I did, it was really pleasant. Will try to get another one in before I leave for the night.

Countryside of Campagna, Italy with rolling green hills with houses and fields on them.

Last night, made some progress on the video recorder for the dashboard of my side project. I can select from a list of devices on the computer the user is using to record the video. Next, I want to get the actual recording to work and then get the video uploaded to the storage space. Hopefully I can get that done tonight. So I went to watch the new episode of "Attack on Titan" last night. Loaded up the application and saw that the latest 2 episodes were still set to the premium level. I've been using the free tier which means I have to wait a week for the latest version. Usually no problem, but I really wanted to watch the episode. haha So I signed up for the lowest paid tier. There's a trial period so I'll check it out some more. Going to go through some tracks for this week's radio show.

Have a great night!

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