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Day 267: Unexpected Turns

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Thought today would be super productive. I have no meetings or anything to keep me away from doing my tasks. Come to find out that some unexpected turns were awaiting me to throw my whole day off. Basically spent a lot of my day on the phone waiting for operators and filling out forms online. So yeah, that was my day.

  • Personal : Last night, I got the recording of the latest radio show edited and submitted to the station. Also got the email blast ready to be sent. Worked a little on my side project. Not a bad night.

A view behind a palm tree looking out into the ocean at sunset in Nananu-i-Ra Island, Fiji

Going to have to spend some time to work on things I wasn't able to do today. Just goes to show, you could have a plan and desire but something can just come up to throw a halt to everything. Going to get some work done.

Have a great night!

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