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Day 253 : Respect the Process

HIPHOP and CODE radio show: personal/portfolio site:
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liner notes:

  • Professional : Wow! Today flew by quick! From what I remember was there was a couple of meetings and some coding in there. haha I'll be joining another live stream show tomorrow so I was working on preparing for that.

  • Personal : Started up a blank project for my new side project. Every time I start new project, I like to see if there is anything new with the tools I'll be using and trying to get better and understand things more. Gotta respect the process. Refined the design some more.

A stone road in North Bend, WA, USA with fields on either side with a mountain in the distance at sunset

Probably work on my side project a little and go to bed early. Got a meeting at the very beginning of the day and then the live stream. Going to try and get some work done.

Have a great night!

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