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Day 237: Change

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : So I decided to take a road trip during my vacation. A coworker from outside the US came to visit family and wanted to meetup. Thought it would be a good time also to see family in South Florida. Had a really good time and got to hang out at a pretty cool park! I talk about it in the latest show. You can check it out at

Radio show episode image of a 3 story jungle gym in Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, Florida with the words Oct 17th 2020, Rat Mouth

  • Sunday : Basically spent the day driving back to Orlando and doing laundry. I also FINALLY figured out the problem I was having in being able to get my private key so I could use it to use an SDK. Now if I ever need to change my private key, I can just upload it to storage instead of using an environment variable and have to deploy my code again.

  • Professional : Today was pretty productive even though I had a lot of meetings. Got to review a pull request from a user for Hacktoberfest. It was a really good contribution. Pushed my code that I wrote on the live stream to a repo so other people could see it. Signed up to PluralSight to learn React Native.

  • Personal : It started to rain towards the end of the day and I took a nap. Feeling pretty good. It's been a pretty cloudy day so my battery hasn't charged up like normally. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Going to hang out at the park for a little longer.

Overhead view of a beach with a large rock in the ocean at Big Sur in California

So my manager said I need to take more days off. haha That's a change from previous jobs. haha Thinking I may take off every Friday for the rest of the year so I have 3 day weekends. Going to continue working on my side project now that I got past a pretty big hurdle.

Have a great night!

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