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Day 197: one life, might live

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liner notes:

Kool Herc's party flyer which marks the birth of HIPHOP on August 11, 1973 with the words August 15th 2020 and Real Player

  • Sunday : Did a lot of work on the van! Put in the shower system. My father helped install the composting toilet. Loaded in the cooler. Prepared the stuff that goes into the composting toilet. Other than that, I packed up my room for the most part.

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Was pretty tired from packing all weekend. Mostly worked on a promo video for a conference and did research on my next blog post.

  • Personal : Finished preparing the material that goes into the compositing toilet. Pretty much just broke it up into smaller pieces. I was pretty therapeutic breaking it up with my hands. Felt like playing with dirt. haha

Overhead view of a cove in Big Sur, California

Going to finish up packing my room and clean my bathroom. I think this may be the last night I'm in this house and moved into the van. Got a good anxious feeling. Probably more excitement than anything else. As far as I know, only got one life, might as well live it. haha.

Have a great night!

peace piece
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