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Day 121 : React

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Internal Hack-a-thon Day 1. Had a group meeting to see what projects everyone submitted and allow anyone who didn't submit one to be able to join one. I want to refactor an older side project I made a few years ago to use the APIs we offer. I cloned my project and got it up and running! Awesome, this is going to go smoothly, I thought. Nope! haha The thing is that I used React to create the project. React has changed quite a bit since I created the project originally. When I tried to import our client SDK, it blew up! haha Turns out that I had to update React, which took longer than I would have liked. haha Rest of the day, I am going through step by step to rework the site's flow to use our APIs. The logic I used previously as far as determining certain values and when to show different UI elements will have to be worked a little to fit with the APIs. It's going...slowly. hahaha

  • Personal : Last night, I "finished" and published my second Web Component!! I was even able to place it into a simple CodePen example of how I plan to use it. Not going to lie. Felt pretty awesome to see it working so well.

A stream in Beverley Brook, United Kingdom with grass and trees on the banks.

Going to keep working on refactoring this project. I think I'm on a roll.

Have a great night!

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