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IT, CS, SE, AI, and All Tech Students: 180+ Final Year Project Topics

  1. - Identifying Cumulus Cloud Patterns Through Satellite Images
  2. - Recognition and Simplification System for Handwritten Mathematical Equations
  3. - Recognition and Simplification System for Handwritten Mathematical Equations
  4. - Multivariate Time Series Forecasting for Rice Prices.
  5. - An Adaptive Companion AI for Video Games using Player Modelling and Deep Reinforcement Learning
  6. - Deep fake detection for low-resource images with explainable reporting
  7. - Towards Efficient Image Restoration using Optimised Generative Adversarial Networks
  8. - Revolutionizing Computer Vision Performance with Automated Data Augmentation
  9. - A Multi-Human Action Recognition System for Detecting Fouls in Boxing
  10. - Robust Single Image Dehazing and Image Enhancement via Generative Adversarial Networks
  11. - Low-light Image Restoration with Short and Long exposure Pairs
  12. - Recommend a Suitable Player to Select or Bid in the IPL Auction
  13. - Transfer Learning Approach to Detect Landslides in Disaster Recovery Situation
  14. - Cryptocurrency Trading Recommendations and Analysis System
  15. - A Heart Disease prediction system
  16. - Real-Time Vehicle Engine Defect Prediction on Raw Vehicle Sensor and ECU Data
  17. - A deep learning approach to detect software vulnerabilities
  18. - Pulmonary Fibrosis Prognosis Prediction using Quantum Machine Learning.
  19. - A Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Best Film Genre in Oder to Produce Successful Films in the Future Based on Online Reviews.
  20. - Depression Detection System by Image Processing with Deep Learning
  21. - Tuition Center Management System.
  22. - Online Bus Ticketing and Tracking System.
  23. - Crop Recommendation System.
  24. - The Global Warranty System.
  25. - Emoji-based Emotional Sentiment analysis using social media data.
  26. - Predicting the Possibility of Chronic Pancreatitis
  27. - Real-time Audio and Text to SLSL Translator using a 3D Interpreter
  28. - A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for DDoS Attack Classification Using Network Traffic Data Analysis
  29. - Supervised Java to JavaScript code-to-code translator
  30. - Identification of Initial Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
  31. - RC Simulation Based on Unreal through the Arduino
  32. - A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for DDoS Attack Classification Using Network Traffic Data Analysis
  33. - Generating Software Architecture Diagrams using Natural Language Processing
  34. - Abandoned Paddy Land Detection System
  35. - A Deep Learning Approach to Forecast Cryptocurrency Price Based on Social Sentiments and Historical Price Data in Real-Time
  36. - Pulmonary disease identification using machine learning and deep learning techniques.
  37. - Early Depression Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques
  38. - Automated Emotional State Analysis of Holocaust Testimonies
  39. - Automated Unit Test Case Generation for TypeScript
  40. - A System for Life Insurance Risk Analyzing
  41. - Deep Learning-Based Crisis Sentiment Analysis
  42. - A Deep Learning-Based Ensemble Approach For Sarcasm Detection In Tweets
  43. - Heterogenous Information Network based Music Recommendation System using Deep Learning
  44. - IoT Device Identification and Vulnerability Detection through Internet Crawling using IoT-SE and Machine Learning.
  45. - Face emotion recognition for Occlusion and facial posture.
  46. - Identify the Visual Product for Visually Impaired Consumers.
  47. - Genre-based English Music Classification System
  48. - Multiclass Classification of Histopathological Images to Diagnose Oral Cancer Grading using Ensemble of Deep Learning Networks.
  49. - Face Recognition-Based Attendance System for online classes
  50. - DeepFake Detection using EfficientNet
  51. - Automatic Detection of Involuntary Disruption in Speech Using Machine Learning
  52. - Deep learning-based Multi-Modal Emotion Variation Detection
  53. - Motion Picture Identification using Audio Processing and Natural Language Processing
  54. - Semantic Analysis Based Improvement Suggestion System for Youtube Content Creators.
  55. - Nail Disease Identification and Treatment Recommendation System
  56. - Identify Diseases Of Coconut Trees Using Images Processing And Deep Learning
  57. - Monitoring of Driver Drowsiness Using Yawning Detection
  58. - YouTube thumbnail rating system for given thumbnails
  59. - Donation platform with Salesforce and Text Classification using social media publications.
  60. - Automated Analysis of Low-Quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Images
  61. - The questionnaire-based mental stress detection system
  62. - Sign language to a grammatically correct sentence using NLP
  63. - A Mobile Application for Analysing and Forecasting Crime using ARIMA with ANN
  64. - Questionary-Based Mental Stress Detection Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques
  65. - A Mobile Application for Analysing and Forecasting Crime using ARIMA with ANN
  66. - Crop recommendation system and yield prediction for precision agriculture.
  67. - Predicting diseases using symptoms and X-ray images with a mobile application
  68. - Oral Cancer Early Diagnosis Among Males.
  69. - Facial Expressions based Music Therapy using Deep Learning
  70. - Singlish Hate Check- A deep learning approach to the detection & Categorization of Singlish hate speech.
  71. - Detection and Quantification of Potato Late Blight Using Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
  72. - Application For Predicting The Fish Price And Maintaining The Market Demand
  73. - A Privacy-Preserving Personal Health Records Marketplace
  74. - Automated Evaluation of Microservices for Kubernetes Cluster Configuration
  75. - Music Generation Using Creative Adversarial Nets
  76. - Text-to-image synthesis using GANs
  77. - Few-shot semantics segmentation for pothole detection
  78. - Instagram Sentiment Analysis for Cyberbullying Comments
  79. - A machine learning approach for depression detection in the English language.
  80. - Learning Preference-Based Resource Recommendation System
  81. - Virtual Assistant to Identify the Content of Printed Materials for The People with Sight Aids.
  82. - Plant Disease Detection in Real-World Scenarios Using Deep Learning
  83. - Early diabetes prediction system using machine learning and retinopathy image detection
  84. - Automatic screening of depression symptoms of social media users
  85. - Tamil Letter Writing difficulty identification and letter writing practice in Dyslexia.
  86. - Shorthand Romanized Tamil to Tamil Transliteration using Novel Hybrid Approach.
  87. - Automating User Interface Design Violation Detection for Mobile Applications
  88. - Research Paper Summarization and Recommendation System Using Computational Linguistic Techniques
  89. - Breast Cancer Detection and Stage Analyzer using CNN
  90. - Automation system for vehicle damage detection and cost estimate by using computer vision.
  91. - Real Estate Management via a Decentralized Blockchain Platform
  92. - Self-Reporting Mobile Application for Depression Outpatients
  93. - Infant Mood and Emotion Recognition System using Facial and Vocal Expressions.
  94. - Venture Capital Investment Evaluation System for Start-ups
  95. - Multilingual Dialogue Summary Generation System for Customer Services
  96. - Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Application Using Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  97. - Voice Assistant App to Diagnose Mental Health Disorders
  98. - Emotion Recognition System For Psychiatric Hospitals.
  99. - Aalapana Generation Using Generative Adversarial Networks
  100. - Automatic Document Summarization using Deep Learning
  101. - Dialogue System for Lifelong Learning of Verified Knowledge
  102. - Marketplace for Physical NFT Assets
  103. - A Hybrid Approach of supervised learning algorithms for Early-Stage Detection of Diabetes
  104. - Semantic image segmentation using GANs with superior discriminator architecture
  105. - Text-image Transformation System in Garden Landscape Design
  106. - A Novel Amalgamate Framework for Monitoring Multi-Tenant Cloud-Based Applications Deployments
  107. - Blockchain-based procurement system for the construction supply chain.
  108. - The deep learning approach detects corn leaf diseases
  109. - Pedestrian Navigation Prediction Using Optimized Self-Supervised Vision Transformers.
  110. - Machine Learning-Based Recycling System
  111. - An Anxiety Detection and Management System
  112. - Health Status Assessment in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Using Hybrid Machine Learning
  113. - Sentiment-Based Product Ranking With Emojis & Emphasized Words Interpretation
  114. - Job Recommendation System Using Sentiment Analysis & Preference Adjustment
  115. - Detecting Monkeypox and differentiating it from similar diseases using Deep learning
  116. - Detection and Segmentation of Pulmonary Nodules using Deeply Supervised CNNs and CT Imaging
  117. - Learning Socially Compatible Autonomous Driving
  118. - Analyzing and Modelling Accuracy and Latency trade-off in Rate limiting on API gateways
  119. - Multi-Port Data Leakage Prevention Solution
  120. - Multi-Language Proficient Data Leakage Prevention System
  121. - Breast Cancer Prediction Using Image Processing and Machine Learning
  122. - Image Enhancement on Real-Time Quality-Assessed Images
  123. - Defect detection of vehicle tyres by using the YOLO algorithm.
  124. - Decision Support Indicator For Heart Disease Risk Management Integrated With Electronic Health Records System.
  125. - Sentiment-Based Severity Prediction Of Software Bugs
  126. - Venomous animal species identification and Recommend Emergency Treatments. (Venom)
  127. - Sleep Music Recommendation System Based on Human Emotions
  128. - Score Detecting Substantial Similarities Between Song Tracks Using Samples.
  129. - Anti-Theft SOS System for E-Bikes Using IoT Automation Prediction of Second-Hand Car Prices Using Machine Learning Algorithms.
  130. - Virtual Acoustic Drum Beat Creator.
  131. - Speech Emotion Recognition for Alexithymia Personality Trait Using Machine Learning Approach.
  132. - A solution to an Electric Vehicle routing problem in logistic fleets using a machine learning approach.
  133. - A generalized hybrid machine learning model for inflation forecasting.
  134. - A Novel Eye Glass Recommendation System Based on the Shape of the Face Using Artificial Intelligence Aspects.
  135. - Early Prediction of Kidney Disease with Its Severity for Use in Low-Cost Diagnosis and Assistance Using Chatbot.
  136. - A System for Outfit Recommendation.
  137. - Soil Nutrients Prediction Using Image Processing Techniques.
  138. - Automated Answer-Agnostic Diverse Question Generation with Self-Attention Architectures.
  139. - Tamil Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Movie Recommendation System.
  140. - Text summarization for online news articles.
  141. - Detecting Online Illegal Wildlife Trade Named Entity Recognition on AI-related Research Papers.
  142. - Enhancement of ASR technology for those with speech impediments.
  143. - Automated Media Bias Detection and Neutralization
  144. - Detecting the Type of Pneumonia disease in Chest X-ray by using Image Processing
  145. - Detecting the Type of Pneumonia disease in Chest X-ray by using Image Processing
  146. - Sentiment Classification with contextual analysis on game reviews using Natural Language Processing.
  147. - Face Image Manipulation Detection System with Localizing Manipulated Regions.
  148. - Music Recommendation System Based on Facial Emotion Recognition
  149. - Video Interpreter for Sign Language using Machine Learning
  150. - Identifying Individual Leopards in the forest using deep learning
  151. - Novel Deep Learning Approach for fake news detection in Tamil and English Mix Language on Twitter.
  152. - Song Searching Through the Use of Complex Queries
  153. - Colombo Stock Exchange stock value forecasting using hybrid ARIMA, ANN, Multiple Regression model.
  154. - Graphical User Interface design generation based on a given GUI screenshot
  155. - Music recommendation system based on facial expressions, with or without a face mask
  156. - Ayurveda Plant Identification for Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Using Mobile Application
  157. - Sentiment Analysis with Emojis for social media Using Twitter Data
  158. - Personality prediction system through analysing CVs for e-recruitment
  159. - Text-to-image Synthesis for Affective Emotion Expression in Art Therapy
  160. - Facial Emotion Detection System for Self-banking Applications.
  161. - TeleDerm-Skin Disease Identification Teledermatology Mobile Application.
  162. - Image-Based Approach to Tea Leaf Disease Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques.
  163. - Personality prediction system through analyzing CVs for e-recruitment
  164. - Facial Emotion Detection System for Self-Banking Applications
  165. - TeleDerm- Skin Disease Identification Teledermatology Mobile Application
  166. - Sentiment Analysis with Emojis for social media Using Twitter Data
  167. - Personality prediction system through analyzing CVs for e-recruitment
  168. - Ayurveda plant identification for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes using a mobile application.
  169. - User review Classifier and Analyzer for Electric Vehicles using Comments on Multiple Social Media Platforms
  170. - Guava Plant Disease Identification Using Deep Learning.
  171. - Single Repository Hybrid Test Automation Framework for UI, API & Mobile Automation.
  172. - Automatic Knee Osteoarthritis Detection and Severity Grading using Deep Learning.
  173. - Video Caption Generator.
  174. - Decision Support System for La Liga Player Recommendation.
  175. - Setting Reminder By Analyzing User.
  176. - Bharatanatyam Hand Gesture Recognition Application.
  177. - Deep Learning and Machine Learning for the Diagnosis of Paddy.
  178. - Detection of Malicious URLs using machine learning.
  179. - Mental health prediction using Machine Learning
  180. - A Decentralized Approach for Verifying the Integrity of Web Resources
  181. - Automated Smart Contract Security Auditing System
  182. - Extension to Detecting Linguistic Content in Reviews (Extenistic)
  183. - Similar Legal Judgment Recommendation for Attorneys.
  184. - Detection of Conduction disturbances sub-class diseases, Myocardial Infarction sub-class diseases using digital ECGs.
  185. - Hate Speech Detection In Social Media.

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