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I am a curious person who enjoys figuring out the building blocks of the world, and rearranging them to build something even better.My career is developing software, but my life is adventuring.


University at Buffalo


Software Engineer at Bloomberg, LP

Updating My GitHub Profile README

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What Tool Can You Never Remember or Get Good At?

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The Myth of Sisyphus, Failure, & the Meaning of Imperfect Code

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Time to Show Off the Robot

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Even the Big Ones Mess Up

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Lessons Learned: Python to JavaScript

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What's Your Shell of Choice?

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I'm Back

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Is Redux Needed After Hooks?

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Don't be a Shotgun Coder

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Evolution of My Personal Site

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Avoid Using Trivializing Words

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Discuss: Favorite Non-Tech Hobby / Activity

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Steps Towards Problem Solving in a Technical Interview

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Discuss: Good NYC Tech Communities to Join?

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Using Python's Type Annotations

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Why Do You Need a Blog?

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Why I Trust Slackware as My Linux Distro

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Hi, I'm Daniel Starner

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