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How did I start my tech journey?

I'm a software developer with a bias towards JavaScript. I can use JavaScript in its entirety of usefulness to do pretty much everything it can. But, the secret is ...

to not skip this part and read each and every word

I'm just kidding. Feel free to scroll through my journey.

We had HTML in grade 8 followed by JavaScript in grade 9 which was around 2012-2013. I started with gedit, a text editor that comes with Ubuntu. Linux? Then? Yes. Our teacher was obsessed with Ubuntu at the time.

We started with the basics as any other programming language, i.e., variable, tokens, operators, I/O, and some arithmetic functions. Then came loops, conditions, and we were saturated even before the patterns came along; m types of triangles and n types of ASCII Art.

Moved to C++ after then till college then JSON caught my eye with its beauty and simplicity. When I dug deep, I found it kinda originated from JavaScript. So frustrated or maybe overwhelmed with C++, I switched back to my old flame, JavaScript, and it was like seeing your school crush after years all grown up and still single. I did what probably you too would do. I caught up with its versions and features.

When I got mature and finally had a better understanding of web technologies, I realized I still need a server-side language to make sense of my Front-End skills and all I knew was PHP, however efficient or powerful you might say it is, we just don't get along. It was like JavaScript and I were made for each other but her parents wouldn't agree, I'm also very good with analogies, so again I started leaning away from it and looking for other technologies to try out.

Python too was around for a while but just as a rebound. I wanted to start developing software but keep away from the traps like Java, .NET, C#, and other general-purpose ones. Quite soon, another very good teacher of mine introduced me to Node.js. I thought this would also come with a huge learning curve but anyways I gave it a try.

Pretty soon, I was already into Microservices and APIs. This was it. Although Node.js is just a framework, JavaScript is literally all I needed all along. I had a few projects up and running even before I knew promises and the whole asynchronous aspect of Node.js.

All this time when I was looking around and trying different languages, I thought I was wasting my time so I did one thing which still helps me and will definitely help you, too. I wrote down my ideas.

Ideas are shit without execution!

It's true. But, till you become capable of executing them, WRITE THEM DOWN. As soon as I got caught up with ES6 and Node.js libraries like Express, I already had plans for projects to build. Guess what? I started developing actual things that now I use in my day to day life and even other people utilize my work.

So, it all comes down to one thing. Till you're figuring out your path to freedom, plan out what will you do when you achieve it. The answer to that question will then become your purpose to wake up the next day. 😄

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