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HacktoberFest - A Whole New Experience

neeraj3508 profile image Neeraj Gupta ・2 min read


HacktoberFest is a great initiative by DigitalOcean. It help both contributors and maintainers to make a new product and enhance the power of Open Source. Open Source Products are great because firstly they are free to use and secondly you can contribute to one and also inspire from one. Even almost 70-80% of my softwares that i use are open-sourced for usage.

My Experience

So, let's talk about my experience during open sourcing. So, this was the first time i made a pull request and contributed to a project. We will talk about my Contributions in next section. Personally, i felt great and engaged while working on the project as it gave me a sense of responsibility while working on a real-time project. And the most great part was when my work was published on that official website, that was really a proud kind of feeling. Also i get to know that how important is to contribute in open source for every developer as it help not only them or others but the generations to come and yes when your work is recognised even in a form of contribution that's the whole next level feeling.

Project For Contribution

So, let's talk about my contributions.
I contributed in this great package like bootstrap but only for buttons. It's name is SButtons and you can check it out on SButtons. So i contributed in 3 different sections for buttons. One in social media buttons and two in Animated Buttons.Also i contributed to my college's DSC repository DSC CIET and Coursify.


In end, i will say it's never late to contribute. Even if you fix a little issue in a ongoing project that's a great headstart and from by solving these small issues can help others a lot. So, Happy Open-Sourcing

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