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loading... fix typo + English syntax

drozerah profile image Drozerah ・1 min read

Hi !

Today I've published a GitHub repository, and because I must improve my English and because it's not my first language, I need any help ! If you are English fluent or if you are a native English writer, would you like to check this and give any feedback in order to fix or improve it ? Thank you !

Drozerah from France

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@ Drozerah, I opened a PR for a few typos and an issue for a phrase that may have gotten translated badly. And your English certainly beats my French. ;)

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Drozerah Author

Hi Ibonanomi thank you for the feedback ! PR & issue merged ! I have added a link to your GitHub into the acknowledgments section of the repo, is that ok for you ? My English beats my tongue, work in progress, you are a part of it ;)