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Maze Generation in 10 mins with AFrame

Chris Godber
I am creative and enthusiastic with a particular interest and work experience in technology, web development, art and design. YouTube:
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Quick overview and tutorial on creating a quick maze in A-Frame with the A-frame maze component

GitHub Repo for A-Frame Maze component:

GitHub logo mitchallen / aframe-maze-component

An aframe component for creating VR mazes


A component for building VR mazes

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Browser Usage

Live Example

Here are some live examples of the component. The simpler demo is ideal for mobile.

Demo notes

  • Lowered or removed birds-eye platform to try to reduce issues with users falling through the floor

  • For birds-eye demos:

  • Start to move forward until you fall onto the lower platform

  • WAIT a second or two - then proceed onto the ground

  • Works fine in Chrome on a Mac

  • On Windows 10 machine (Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop) can't seem to walk and turn at the same time

Physics engine issues

  • Having issues with player falling through floor on iOS for complex demos
  • Keep it simple on mobile, don't have player drop from high position
  • Player can push through or into objects if determined
  • If player…

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