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LudumDare47 - Making a Game with Playcanvas Part 1 [Livestream]

drnoir profile image Chris Godber ・1 min read

Day 1
So I managed to make some half decent progress - got a prototype level in, an enemy with some movement and some basic scripts - still running into lots of random collision issues which are causing headaches though and slowing me down a bit.

Modified the game mechanics a bit - I think now I will focus on the loop concept in two ways

1 the scene loops if the timer runs out (bit basic but I guess it counts)
2 the enemy default movement is moving around in a loop - be interesting to see what I can do and how I can tweak it once I get a few enemies in the game and with a fully working script and hopefully some basic follow player AI

I’m changing the title to escape the loops too - the enemies are the ‘loops’ in this case

I’m live streaming as I develop on Twitch btw if you want to watch it’s progress


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