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First Pull Requests - SnapIT HacktoberFest

I began working on pull requests for HacktoberFest this week. I haven't really done much work on big repos, other than my classmates or my own. I found a great project by SnapITSolutions that is an open source project that directs users to their in-person and virtual hackathons.

I enjoy working with react and websites so I thought this would be fun to work on. I solved two open issues that were created by another developer. The first was adding support for other languages to the homepage. The other included adding support for other languages to the registration page.

In order to fix these issues, I first had to add the translations required into a json file for both es-us and en-us. I then had to ensure the react-intl module was imported to provide the service for each page. Lastly, I added FormattedMessage to all buttons and textfields as a wrapper, in order to translate all of the values.

After I was done creating my pull request, I realized I missed a step in the contribution guidelines that require all pull requests to be linted and tested with ESLint. Tests failed the first time but I was able to correct it by simply importing the react-intl module in one of the pages.

The code was eventually merged by the developer. I created one pull request instead of two which meant less credit for Hacktoberfest, so the developers were nice enough to allow me to create another one.

It felt great contributing to the community and communicating with someone who's all the way in Texas. I hope to continue to work on this project and make it even better!

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