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The Great Site Generator v1.0 Release

This week I focused on creating an initial v1.0 release of the project, The Great Site Generator. I was able to use Conan and Gitlab to create the release by following their guide. At first, I tried vcpkg, but found I couldn't get it to work with Gitlab. Conan was able to work well with CMake and did not require too much work. I was happy to see my project finally added to the Gitlabs registry.

I had to alter my code before this release. I wanted to ensure my code looked like it was ready and added another function to get rid of the remaining global variables. I asked one of my fronds, who is not in my program, to test out my initial release by following the They did not seem to have any trouble following it, except for requiring assistance to install Conan.

In order to try out TGSG, you can use the following command.
conan install the-great-site-generator/1.0@root+the-great-site-generator/stable --remote=gitlab--remote=gitlab

I hope the community enjoys v1.0 and helps to make it even better for the next release!

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