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Code Reviews and Pull Requests - Release 0.3

For my third release, I focused on contributing to the community with code reviews and pull requests. In both external and internal school projects, I helped to fix issues.

I helped to improve image viewing in a React app called Awesome Adoption that I had previously worked on during Hacktoberfest. Importing the Carousel component from Bootstrap, I was able to make images more accessible on mobile. I am still working on ensuring the image size is correct for all.

I also contributed to my internal school project called Telescope, a great tool for aggregating blog feeds. I helped fix an issue improving local development setup of the status dashboard for development purposes. My work was later merged with the help of the community.

I also did a few code reviews for the first time on Github. I reviewed two pull requests on Telescope. I had never checked out a pull request before and it was interesting working to test others contributions. I approved a change for updating the CSS of the build log dashboard and
adding a port redirect for nigx. I hope to contribute more to Telescope in the future!

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