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Announcing the Kubernetes Operator for Dragonfly

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our in-memory data store - the Kubernetes operator for Dragonfly! This new operator will enable easier deployment and management of Dragonfly instances within Kubernetes environments, making it possible for the Kubernetes community to take advantage of Dragonfly's performance and reliability for the first time.

We understand firsthand the challenge of deploying and managing in-memory data stores at scale. From managing replicas to ensuring high availability, all while scaling to meet demand and delivering great performance, this is what we built the Kubernetes operator to achieve.

The new Kubernetes operator for Dragonfly includes Replica Management, which allows developers to specify the number of replicas they need, and the operator will take care of the rest. This includes ensuring there is always only one master, enabling high availability and failover. Developers can also easily scale up by increasing or decreasing resources and replicas as needed, without worrying about the complexity of traditional deployment methods.

Check out the GitHub repository for documentation on installing the operator and getting started and hop into our Discord if you have questions or need help.

This release marks the beginning of our work on the Kubernetes Operator for Dragonfly and represents only a small portion of the functionality we plan to deliver. Please stay tuned for many more configuration options as the project evolves.

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