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Somtochukwu Nnaji
Somtochukwu Nnaji

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What is that you....

What is it that you wished you knew before starting your programming journey?

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Andrew Baisden

I wish I knew how welcoming the tech community really was. I hid most of my projects and rarely interacted with anyone so it felt isolating. But now i'm active on social media, blogs and I build in public.

It changed everything and I have so many new friends and work opportunities coming my way.

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Somtochukwu Nnaji Author • Edited on

Thanks for this

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Nathan Hedglin

That programming was a good career fit for me. I was more focused on becoming an aerospace engineer at the time.

I taught myself to code at 15. I did it to automate my math homework and mess around in class. Laters made some basic games in C++. I never took it seriously as a career until 5 years later. I wish I had but it all worked out either way.