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The .NET Docs Show: Informal Discussion on Formal Education 📜

ievangelist profile image David Pine ・2 min read

In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Rachel Appel (@RachelAppel, Microsoft MVP and Developer Advocate 🥑 at JetBrains) informally discusses formal education. As part of this week's #CheckUp, we highlighted the tour of C# as it relates to starting a career in .NET.

The #HallwayTrack was filled to the brim with conversations about "🍻 over the years", discussions about Rachel's talk "works on machine", antipatterns with SQL tables having a single column - yeah imagine that?!

We continued the conversation working through the differentiation between being a software developer and a software engineer, and how it relates to getting a computer science degree. We talk about mentorship and formal industry experience as an additional opportunity to skill-up. Other topics included: LINQPad, CMMI, UML, academic literature versus real-world product line engineering, living in other parts of the world, bubble sorts, aspect oriented programming, functional and object oriented programming, and even "Ask Jeeves". Yes, this episode was jam-packed!


In the 90's it was "hot" to be a Web Master!

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