re: Here's my resume! Your feedback is valued 😅

Lol - your resume is more impressive than mine, and I’ve at this for a minute.

While your layout is pretty fancy looking, as a hiring manager, it more leans towards “hard to skim” than “stands out in a good way”

Some of your more impressive projects on the right sidebar get lost.


Thanks for the feedback Donald! I'll restructure it; bring the projects to the top. And make it less dense 😁


I would add... your resume is visually appealing - big win, makes me want to read it! Love the brevity of a one pager.

My feedback would be remove “I” and make it more action oriented. Instead of I implemented - just say implemented x. “I” can send the message that you don’t value “the team” when that’s likely not your intent.

Truly enjoyed format.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll change the language 😊

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