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What is the fate of technology 2024?

The futuristic view of technological advancement is not negligible. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed changes and ongoing processes to the very civilization geared towards the apex of tech. Although we cannot place our fingers to proclaim a definite outcome, the game of probability plays its role.

For career-driven personalities in tech; AI has become a factor to contend with. Most YouTube channels have spoken on this crux, but, I think they’re missing out on some details. Irrespective of the massive layoffs in tech companies, there still will be the need for data engineers, software developers, cybersecurity engineers, etc. Maybe I should not have included this but I believe it’s worth saying; a lot of individuals have jumped into the learning of AI, with the conviction it’s the future (truly it is), I know certainly that not very many of them will see the end light of it. Troll me. You may come to realize that you are better off with your former job and even more fluid (except if you’re a workaholic). I am not saying venturing into AI is not worth it, subserviently, understanding the preliminary undertakings and probable shortcomings is very necessary. Can you handle it?

Get skilled in multiple computer languages and become efficient with them. It will be a bonus to anyone who finds enough free time to indulge in this. Most companies are gearing towards including chatbots to help attend to customers and automate responses; not far-fetched to make most applications AI incentive and adaptable to provide contextual and predictive experiences for users. The need for companies to protect their big data due to scalability will be in high demand. For most of us into tech, you keep your eyes out for juicy offers.

Expect jaw-dropping inventions in tech devices. Don’t act like you don’t know. A lot of us already have huge expectations in whatever tech brand you’ve picked interest in. 2023 was an eye-opener to how far tech can birth realistic inventiveness. So, it’s not odd that I added this to my list.

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New languages dominating the market. Over 2023 there has been a rise and fall in what programming language the tech community needs to operate extensively. However, there are two languages likely to scale up in use this year; Julia and Elixir. The work on Julia began way back in 2009 when Stefan Karpinski, Viral B. Shah, and Alan Edelman decided to act, with the driven purpose of creating a language that’s both high-level and fast. It was first announced in 2012. Scientists use this language to quickly and easily develop data analysis and visualization tools, numerical solutions, and scientific computing applications. Python developers may find this a scandal, but data proves Julia to offer superior performance for numerical and scientific computing; with an inbuilt parallelism making it excellent for heavy computations. What’s your take on that?

Elixir is a compiled language where optimizations are baked in before a server even starts. This architecture allows Elixir to perform faster than other conventional web development platforms like Ruby, Python, Node.js, and many others; as sources confirm. Created by Jose Valim in 2012 as a research and development project inside Plataformatec. Stackoverflow even recognizes this language above objective-c in 2023 most popular technology languages.
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There is so much to this that time limits me to discuss. However, being a javascript fan/developer I don’t feel a nudge.

Remote and hybrid work models will become more prevalent. This is already supported by technologies that enable collaboration, and productivity across physical and digital spaces. A viable instance is the Metaverse interview between Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta) and Lex Fridman (a podcaster) held on Thursday, September 28, 2023. The first metaverse interview. This very method of work will probably touch all levels of workforce. Expect more of it.

2024 is another year for serious modifications, springing opportunities in technology and software systems; Robotics, AI, space travel, etc. I for one hold a very stake in that.

What do you think?!

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