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3 reasons why Tensorflow is the most popular ML framework

dominguezdaniel profile image Daniel Dominguez ・1 min read

TensorFlow has become the most popular tool and framework for machine learning in a short span of time. It enjoys tremendous popularity among ML engineers and developers.

Here are three reasons behind TensorFlow’s popularity:

1. The most ubiquitous AI platform available for developers

TensorFlow is the only framework available for running machine learning models from the cloud to the tiniest microcontroller device.

2. TensorFlow is a part of mainstream public cloud managed ML PaaS

TensorFlow is an integral part of public cloud platforms. It is powering the APIs for computer vision, natural language processing, personalization and recommendation services.

3. Extensive support for tooling and integration

TensorFlow is more than just a machine learning framework or a toolkit. It is essentially a platform to manage the entire life cycle of AI applications.

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