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Startup 1/10

Hello, I am participating in a challenge to create a startup every month. This month I decide that I would make a college/program tracker.

What is this website?

  • A university tracker based on majors and minors
  • A way to organize the universities that offer the programs that you like
  • This can also be used towards boarding schools, camps, and more

What was the inspiration?

  • My cousin is going away to college, and I remember how hard it was for her to manage the colleges
  • She tried to use excel but it wasn't easy to use, so I made this website
  • At the moment, you can only put the school's name and select majors and minors that it provides

What will I be doing to it in the future?

  • You will be able to put what type of school it is (Liberal Arts, HBCU, etc.)
  • You will be able to select if they offered a scholarship
  • You will be able to choose whether it is a safety, target, or reach

Link to Website

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