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75% off premium proxies (unprecedented Black Friday)

"Black Friday blues" is when a BF deal is actually a rip off and does not save you any money really.

Been there, had that.

So SOAX decided not to be cheap and actually spread some holiday cheer with a 75% off lifetime (!) deal.

Correct me if I am wrong but this looks like the most generous discount ever made by a proxy provider.

75% off premium proxies

If you need proxies for your work or a pet project, today is your lucky day. Well, actually, it is today and tomorrow, as the offer is valid on the 24 and 25 of November only.

So what will you be getting for $999 instead of $3000?

  • ethically sourced proxies (+ SOAX is GDPR compliant)
  • large pool of 8.5+ mln IPs
  • clean and fast proxies
  • one of the best success rates on the market

How to get the deal?

Go to SOAX website and choose the plan you are interested in. No coupons required.

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