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“AI in Daily Life: How Generative AI useful to You”

Have you ever thought about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking part of your day today life? Even if you have not seen in physical, you are using it as part of it, particularly when it comes to Generative AI.
Definition of Generative AI or Gen. AI?
Gen. AI is a subject under the Artificial Intelligence that uses Machine Learning (ML) concept to generate human-like content. For example, to create a new image, for writing text, to compose music, and even to generate programming code, Generative AI is changing the way we generate content and use.
Generative AI in Our Daily Lives
You might be wonder to understand that Generative AI is already a part of our day today lives. Here are a few examples are listed below,
Personal Assistants: Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are having Generative AI to understand and respond to human input in a natural way, like human.
Social Media: Did you thought about how Facebook understand which friend to tag in your photos while posting? The Generative AI at work, using facial recognition algorithms to identify and tag the individuals.
Entertainment: Platforms like Spotify and Netflix use Generative AI to understand your listening and viewing habits and its recommending content you might love.
Email: Ever thought about how Gmail recommends quick replies to your emails? It’s another example of Generative AI, predicting what you want to reply based on the context of the email.
Why Should We Know about Gen AI?
Understanding Generative AI is not just for technical person or professionals. As AI is getting to advance and become more into our day today lives, it’s very much important for everyone to learn about basics of what it is and how it works. This knowledge will help us understand the digital world more usefully and take advantage of the benefits of AI in ours day today life.
In conclusion, Generative AI is not a faraway, technical subject. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s giving change to our life the way we live, work, and play. So, the next time you talk to Siri for the anything, remember – its Generative AI at work!
I hope this article will be useful to understand Generative AI and its uses on our day today life. Remember, getting the knowledge about AI doesn’t require a background in programming or coding knowledge. It’s for everyone. Keep follow DMS Academy and Stay tuned for more information on AI and its applications.

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