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D Meenakshi Sundaram
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AI and You: A Partnership for the Future 🤝

Hello everyone!
“Imagine you are waking up one day in your home and you find a new partner, and that’s one is invisible but its present everywhere, and its silent and more informative, and that partner is more intelligent – “Welcome to a AI in your daily life!”
I want to talk more about - Artificial Intelligence (AI). But don’t worry, I am not going to tell anything technical. Instead, I want to tell about the beautiful partnership between AI and us, that the common people.
What is AI? 🤔
AI is a tool.
It’s a wonderful technology that receives data and learns from experience.
AI performs tasks that require human intelligence.
AI is not to replace humans, but mainly it’s to help and partner with human beings to carry out their tasks.
AI is a Partner, it’s not a Replacement in the world of work.
There’s a fear that AI will take over human jobs and make us outdated.
The actual truth is, AI is like a Personal Assistant (PA) that will take care of repetitive tasks.
This allows us to focus on what we can do best - being creative, strategic, and empathetic.
Everyday Examples of AI 🏡
AI is already an integrated to our daily life.
When you ask Siri for the weather report or when Netflix recommends a movie we like, that’s AI at work.
In all these use cases, AI is working for us, making our life easier.
The Future is Bright ☀️
As we progress, the partnership between AI and humans will become stronger.
AI will help us to solve complex problems, make informed decisions, and lead healthier lives.
In return, we’ll train AI, input our data and values, and ensure it is used for the benefit of humans.
Finally, AI is not something to be afraid or misunderstood. It’s a personal assistant tool, a partner, and a friend. And together, we and AI will do amazing things. Keep following the DMS Academy for more insight about Generative AI.

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