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Dimitri Merejkowsky
Dimitri Merejkowsky

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I am writing a book about CI


I wanted to talk about CI for a very long time (more than 2 years). But it’s a huge topic, and it took me some time before I decided to start a blog post series about it.

But then I realized that was the wrong format: you see, writing and publishing one post at a time requires for you to know exactly what to say and in what order, and I found that was not the case for the “Tips From A Build Farmer” series. So instead, I am going to try and write the whole thing as a book.


For now, I am only focusing on the content: I just have a bunch of Markdown files I can turn into a big pdf thanks to pandoc.

Once done, I will probably publish the pdf and the sources on the Internet, available for free.


I have no clue at all, this is my first attempt at writing a book! But I will surely post updates there on the blog – wish me luck!

I'd love to hear what you have to say, so please feel free to leave a comment below, or check out my contact page for more ways to get in touch with me.

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