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Discussion on: You Can Do it in SQL, Stop Writing Extra Code for it

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István Lantos • Edited on

So... Because the author of this article "recommended" on facebook to have conversation here, instead of there, I would gladly accept this and copy here my two facebook comments, for enjoyment. Probably I'm not worthy to read, because I'm never was in the top 7 badge here on, but here we go:

Just because you can, it doesn't mean you have to. Putting way too much logic in SQL means instead of spawning a new API or client-side node as a worker in your cluster with one click, now you have to tamper with the replication of your database cluster (which systems usually tide to master-slave replication, like Postgres). You will also spend sh*tload of money to give enough resources to those DBs, instead of putting those simple math functions into client side React and call it a day. Of course, you will send more data from the API to client, but you have to decide which is more painful for your pocket (spoiler alert: probably a fat and slow DB). Client-side code also can be fasten up with CDNs, which is worth pennies nowadays. Choose which solution you prefer more...

Geshan Manandhar on fb: "Also, with all due respect if you think you are good enough try writing something of this sort, get similar views, reactions and comments. Get a top 7 badge on dev to. Then I would listen to and reply to your comments. Thanks and Happy New Year!"

WTF, maaan... Don't be so triggered. This post picked by the team the second time on facebook. We comment here, beacuse your article is relevant, right now, right here, not where and whom you want.

The examples in your article (like SUM, CONCAT and DISTINCT keyword) is nothing new or putting more logic into SQL: is just the standard way how a database engineer design their queries and it is part of their everyday toolset. But I would like to add one exception: string manipulation. PLEASE-JUST-DON'T! In fact, if case sensitivity is not important (most of the time, it doesn't) try to store them insensitive, like citext type in Postgres. So basic thing, and yet, in a governmental software used by every city and village in my country, released their product with case sensitive tables, causing some people to appear many times, in every single city and village (around 2000+), because, you know, humans working in offices. Doing any string manipulation or not ignoring case sensitivity can lead to serious problems and usually the DB admin is the guy, who need to fix the colossal f*ck up with hard work later on, never the backend developer. Don't shoot yourself on the leg. Also, using string manipulation to concat strings with "-", is just tossing money out of the window. Your visitors CPU can make it for free, including converting to uppercase the first letter of every words, etc. Putting this logic into the DB, is just...

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Geshan Manandhar Author

Some of the things you are pointing out are correct. Like any other tool, SQL should be used wisely and after profiling performance. Thanks!