My 5 Favorite Talks at DjangoCon Europe 2019

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Django people at the DjangoCon Europe 2019

This year DjangoCon Europe happened in Copenhagen, Denmark, at a very creative and special place AFUK - Academy for Untamed Creativity. Surrounded by artistic souls, we learned more about web technologies, got to know each other at ecologic reusable disposable cups of coffee, enjoyed delicious authentic food, and socialized with Django-branded beverages. As always, there was also a party with people drinking IPA (not to be confused with API). And at the weekend Django developers were solving bugs for Django and related open-source software at the coding sprints.

Here I would like to present you with the top 5 talks that I liked most of all.

Django and Web Security Headers

Adam Johnson (@AdamChainz) was talking about special response headers that tell browsers to treat data of the website more securely and which Django settings are responsible for those headers.

Video record

Summary by rixx

Docs or it didn't Happen!

Mikey Ariel (@ThatDocsLady) was talking about the necessity of documentation and what to write there.

Video record

Summary by rixx

Pushing the ORM to its Limits

Sigurd Ljødal (@sigurdlj) was talking about advanced Django ORM use cases.

Video record

Summary by rixx

Logging Rethought 2: The Actions of Frank Taylor Jr.

Markus Holtermann (@m_holtermann) was talking about logging structured data to log files instead of the traditional plain text messages.

Video record

Summary by rixx

Maintaining a Django Codebase after 10k Commits

Joachim Jablon (@Ewjoachim) and Stéphane Angel (@twidi) were talking about the best practices developing large-scale Django projects.

Video record

Summary by rixx

Honorable Mentions

More Information

You can see all talk descriptions, video records and some slides at the official conference website.

Amazing conference photos were taken by Bartek Pawlik.

I was also really astonished how effective were the talk summaries written by rixx almost in real time.

Cover photo by Bartek Pawlik.

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