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Post-Init Processing In Python Data Class

Let’s first understand the problem.

Python Data Classes

Python Data Class

from dataclasses import dataclass

class Student():
    name: str
    clss: int
    stu_id: int
    marks: []
    avg_marks: float

student = Student('HTD', 10, 17, [11, 12, 14], 50.0)
>>> print(student)

Student(name='HTD', clss=10, stu_id=17, marks=[11, 12, 14], avg_marks=50.0)
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The above code is a simple python data class example. The data fields of the class are initiated from the init function.

In this example, we are initiating the value of the avg_marks while initiating the object, but we want to get the average of the marks after the marks have been assigned.

This can be done by the post_init function in python.

Post-Init Processing In Python Data Class

The post-init function is an in-built function in python and helps us to initialize a variable outside the init function.

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