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Design systems supercharged

Building great front-end products is hard and time-consuming.

Web technologies are evolving at high pace, designers and developers struggle to collaborate on handover, building consistent web components requires loads of works, documentation is too often not up-to-date, maintaining apps over time is an Herculean task, ...

You know the story.

Implementing a Design System is a good solution to tackle these challenges. The Design System is the source of truth for all reusable tokens and components to be consumed in web apps. Building and managing a Design System, as a part of a production pipeline, will greatly improve team efficiency and product consistency.

A good Design System should help teams collaborate, improve reusability, manage technologies evolution, build documentation, ship faster / better, and lower maintenance. But building and maintaining the tooling to manage a Design System remains quite time consuming too ...

That's why we launched, a powerful and collaborative platform to build Design Systems on the code side. Backlight helps front-end teams to deliver value by focusing on their real work, not on maintaining tools.

Backlight comes with some nice features :

  • All-in-one : tokens, components, code, stories, tests, documentation, designs, ...
  • Technologies / frameworks agnostic
  • Real-time preview rendering for tokens, components and documentation
  • Real-time and asynchronous collaboration
  • Live documentation (MDX with embedded components and code snippets)
  • Versioning and repo management with Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket
  • Code review and visual diff for Pull-Request
  • NPM package export
  • In browser or local CLI
  • No tools or pipeline to deploy / manage

And best of all, we have a free plan to test Backlight.

Let's give it a try ? :) Start now

Front-end is for heroes. At ‹div›RIOTS, we believe front-end is a beautiful challenge and we are on a mission to empower front-end teams with great tools. Backlight is one of them. We also launched some free sandbox products to play with web components and tokens (check them out here).

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