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Dima Sukharev
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OpenCommit: killing lame commits with generative AI πŸ€―πŸ”« (open-source)

first β€” let's grow my twitter, so i can tell about my inventions quicker and make the world even better place (or not, idk)

opencommit β€” comparison

A month ago I opensourced OpenCommit.

Now you can switch to GPT-4 and see how it answers WHY and WHAT change was done πŸ€―πŸ”«

How to install OpenCommit

Simply install it globally with npm, to use in any repo:

npm i -g opencommit
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After installing type oc and hit "Enter" in a terminal:

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If you want to edit a commit and make OpenCommit to be used by your IDE do:

oc hook set
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That's it β€” have fun ;)

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dmitry_i_57e465c3faaac74f profile image
Dmitry i

Whoaaa, this is serious! I've been waiting for something like this lib to come along and save me from all those Β«fixedΒ» commits.