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Master git commits with AI

Ever faced the challenge of crafting the commit message after 5+ files are changed?

Switching from writing code to thinking about commit messages can be a time-consuming distraction. It's all too easy to resort to one-liners like "updates", "bug fix", or "refactoring" and leave a more detailed description for merges.

OpenCommit — open-source CLI that creates commits for you: OpenCommit.

opencommit — a new era of commit messages

OpenCommit leverages the conventional commits convention, ensuring your commit messages are both concise and informative. Want a little fun in your commits? Enable the GitMoji setting!

Getting started is easy. Install OpenCommit via npm:

npm i -g opencommit
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Then, simply type oc and press "Enter" in your terminal:

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That's it.

Check out the documentation.

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