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What Are the Best Magento 2 B2B Features?

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The updated Magento 2 version has a lot of features to improve B2B websites performance.

Let’s overview the best Magento 2 features for B2B business that might come in handy for your business strategy:

  • Built-on self service tools. Magento 2 allows you to optimize your store’s user accounts without a necessity to integrate extra plugins. Thus, your clients will be able to enjoy the convenience of their accounts management, and your interaction with customers will become better as well. You will receive full-fledged feature set out of the box to group your audience and conduct other actions to treat your customers in an individual way;

  • Advanced account configurations. It includes an option of assigning multiple users to the same account. Also, you can set up various rules for chosen accounts, which is a good way to run two kinds of business on the same eCommerce website;

  • Quote requests management. In contrast to the Magento 1 version, which required additional extensions to interact with buyers, Magento 2 has got everything planned down to the last detail. Now you don’t need to integrate extra modules. Besides, all setting prices options are also available in the Magento 2 version by default;

  • Refined shipping options. Magento 2 offers much easier ways to arrange shipping processes properly;

  • Mobile-friendliness. The updated Magento version provides more capabilities to develop the Mobile first strategy for any eCommerce business. With up-to-date technologies every business owners can create their own mobile app using the same tools, needed for a website building.

Find out more about the best features your B2B eCommerce store certainly should have, reading this article.

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