Marketplace Website: What you should know?

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We are all living in the digital era, when businesses can really benefit from online presence. There are different eCommerce websites and the marketplace is one of them. It is the specific website type, where online shoppers can look through offers from various retailers. The marketplace serves as a bridge between buyers and sellers. Why such websites become more and more popular? The answer is its benefits for both online shoppers and retailers. The customers can choose from a variety of offers from different retailers, while retailers can easily place products in one place without marketing expenses.

There are also different types of marketplace websites:

  • Marketplace for products
  • Services marketplace
  • Media marketplace
  • Marketplace for crowdfunding

What about the essential website features to consider in Marketplace Development?

Check our shortlist below:

  1. User account - remember that a customer account should differ from the account for sellers.
  2. Messages option - a marketplace should ensure smooth customer-seller communication
  3. Wish list and Booking option - it is beneficial for all users. Sellers can make effectively plan sales and customers feel more comfortable.
  4. Payment gateway - take care of providing users with reliable payment solutions and options.
  5. Catalog of products - ensure to include filters, search, category etc. to satisfy the customers with comfort and convenient search process.
  6. Reviews - offer your customers the opportunity to share their experience.

The article about Marketplace Website Development will tell you more about how much does it cost to develop such a website, what are the steps of the development and how to build a marketplace on Magento.

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