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Magento 2 VS Shopware 6: What is the Best Fit for Your eCommerce Business?

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Having an eCommerce store is a new trend for any retail company. However, considering the fact that Internet activity has become an integral part of our life, soon eCommerce websites will be taken for granted.

So what is one of the most important steps to do at the beginning of your eCommerce journey? Choosing the best CMS or content management system. Digital market offers a huge variety of options.

If the platform your future digital store will be built on is still uncertain, I have two worthwhile suggestions: Magento and Shopware. This article aims to introduce a comprehensive comparison of these two eCommerce giants.

According to recent statistics, websites on Magento cover nearly 12% of the global market, which is a lion’s share. Magento is a choice of such world-famous brands as Ford, Olympus, Jaguar and plus more.

Shopware is a German leading software company that has more than 80 000 installations at the time. Recently it has become a worthy alternative to Magento, which is more expensive and complicated in use.

Let’s see what are the differences between these two eCommerce solutions:


This aspect is quite crucial in situations when you need help in a task to be resolved. Speaking about Magento and Shopware, both platforms are open source, so community is even more important for such cases.

Magento 2 has more than 150 000 developers all over the world, which makes its community one of the largest. Magento Enterprise users have an opportunity to reach out to the official help desk for assistance.

Shopware’s community comprises over 80 000 specialists. They are mostly from Germany, that’s why the amount is smaller compared to the Magento community that is international.


Magento 2 has better UI than the previous version. Nevertheless, its interface is still much more complex as it includes thousands of various settings. To figure it out, you have to seek help online or hire a Magento development company, as non-technical users will barely launch a Magento store on their own.

Shopware’s good peculiarity is intuitive-in-use admin dashboard. Inexperienced users can easily start using this eCommerce technology and build a good online store. Besides, its backend is competitive with any browser or operating system.

There are still much more indicators to compare. This article contains more information that can help you to be done with selecting. Good luck with your eCommerce startup!

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