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Magento 2 Security Checklist

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Security is a crucial component of any prosperous eCommerce business. If Magento platform is your retail company's faithful servant, you should definitely know how to ensure your Magento 2 store security.

Why is it so important? Online store hacking is a widespread phenomenon. And the most fundamental duty of any digital entrepreneur is to take care of protection of his clients’ online data.

Let’s discover together what are the main measures to carry out to make sure your web-store is totally safe from cybercriminals:

  1. Use Magento Security Scan to track your website well-being;
  2. Update security patches;
  3. Ascertain user authentication process is reliable;
  4. Make sure confidential data is under protection;
  5. Check the status of antivirus databases;
  6. Turn off non-protected PHP commands;
  7. Enable restricted access to the local.xml file;
  8. Conduct regular checks of the server’s action log to detect malicious activity;
  9. Check third-party tools for vulnerability.

Online store security is certainly a serious topic that should always be on agenda. Dive deeper into this topic, reading
the top 10 Magento 2 Security Best Practices list.

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