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Magento 2 has finally been served

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Which means it’s time to consider your e-commerce store data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. If you are looking for the main reasons and benefits why you should do this, you are in the right place!

Improved functionality and powerful maintenance, which Magento 2 offers, will definitely take your business to the new level of development. Here are even more reasons:

  • Support termination. The previous version will no longer be served, therefore new updates won’t come out anymore for Magento 1;
  • Security. As mentioned above, since the old version is no longer refined, the customers’ information might be in danger.

For today’s time nearly half of digital stores, powered by Magento 1, chose platform migration. What benefits do they pursue?

  • Improved UX. There is no need to waste time for account registration. New instant purchase option was added to avoid all those steps required to receive a purchase confirmation;
  • Optimized mobile shopping. Lion’s share of online deals is fulfilled with mobile apps. In Magento 2 mobile friendliness exists by default. The platform also enhanced page loading speed for mobile devices, which is pleasing;
  • Design, which Magento 2 brings, is one more thing that helps to attract potential customers. From now on updated templates are able to fit screens of every device without any additional configurations;
  • New feature AI-Powered Product Recommendations is available for Magento 2. This extension’s aim is to ease buyers' search across the store range and to let merchants save time and shift the focus to solving other meaningful tasks.

To know more about when it is better to plan the migration process of your store and how to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, please visit this article.

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