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Multimedia IR Systems analyze

Let us compare several multimedia IR systems by covering requirements and needs we identified previously.
Since some users might feel free to select multimedia IR systems integrated with online storages (like Cloud ones), but others want to use offline multimedia IR systems, we need to choose one offline and one online system.
In the same way, we need to add the proprietary and free systems to the comparison as well.
Comparison of the private Multimedia IR systems
Below is the list of them with brief descriptions:

  • Synology Moments - Gather all your photos and videos in one private place and organize them in an entirely new way. Synology Moments is the brand new photo solution for personal and home use, offering a modern browsing experience with the image recognition technique.[Synology Moments]
  • Mylio - it is a free app that can be used to organize photos, videos, and other files. This program can be used on any Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android device. Mylio doesn't necessarily need the Internet to function; it can work automatically to organize the files based on the calendar app [Mylio].
  • Google Photos - a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. The service automatically analyzes photos identifying various visual features and subjects. Users can search for anything in photos, with the service returning results in three major categories: People, Places, and Things [Google Photos].
  • digiKam - a free and open-source photo organizing software that can handle more than 100K images. The program has all the photo organizing functionality you will need like uploading, deleting and sorting images [digiKam]
  • Apple photo - is a photo management and editing application developed by Apple [Apple Photos]
    Comparison of the private Multimedia IR systems
    Comparison of the private Multimedia IR systems

    Well implemented features

    The comparison table shows the following features as well implemented:
    From the user's point of view all mentioned functions are well-developed and do not require the improvements and substitution with any other software.

  • keeping/browsing functions for the private photo album multimedia data;

  • wide functionality to edit the photos;

  • search by date/time (using metadata);

  • search by location (using metadata);

  • search by people (using face recognition technology over multimedia data content);

  • search by rating/marks (using metadata);

  • search by feedback and by comments.

To be developed features

Still, the following set of searching functions needs to be developed to cover the users' needs:
Despite the search functions can be implemented by the newest Multimedia IR systems, providing tagging shall be implemented at much earlier stage like importing

  • search by events (now is possible only through tagging);
  • search by objects/subjects (only a few systems can recognize the objects on the photos);
  • search by emotions;
  • similar photos search(only a few systems can make the search by a similar photo);
  • search by a photo author (is possible only by applying tagging);
  • the search by a combination of color or texture (only a few systems can do it);

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