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Dmitry Magunov
Dmitry Magunov

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Baloonza IT newsletters weekly digest #20

GraphQL Weekly

CSS Weekly

Frontend Focus

  • Gradients

    • Why Are Hyperlinks Blue, Revisited
    • A Unified Theory of Web Performance

Awesome React Newsletter

Awesome Javascript Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter

  • Hacker Newsletter #586
    • First Impressions of Web3
    • Make the “semantic web” web 3.0 again – with the help of SQLite
    • I made a grid based font editor and font
    • Iconoir – An Open-Source SVG Icons Library
    • Cryptoland

CSS Animation Weekly

  • CSS Animation Weekly #283
    • Building a Scrollable and Draggable Timeline with GSAP - Codrops
    • Adam Argyle's Sick Mouse-Out CSS Hover Effect
    • ScrollTrigger: SVG Text Mask


Frontend Weekly

  • Frontend Weekly - Issue 288

    • Top 10 PHP 8.1 Features You Should Start Using Now
    • Save User Data Without Cookies
    • Pagination in JavaScript and React, with a custom usePagination() hook

Data Science Weekly Newsletter

  • Data Science Weekly - Issue 425

    • Red flags to look out for when considering whether to join a data / tech team
    • XManager: A framework for managing machine learning experiments
    • Why Google Treats SQL Like Code and You Should Too

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