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1UpBlitz – A SaaS Starter for Blitzjs

After working on this product for a few months, I promised to release 1UpBlitz on August 31st. But instead, I'm 1 day early!

This is me working over the weekend, while I was a cottage. Where I was supposed to relax and chill.

Me Working

1UpBlitz is my first product that's been relatively successful.

What is 1UpBlitz? 1UpBlitz is a SaaS starter built with blitzjs that will save you 60+ hours of work.

What's Blitzjs? It's a full stack react framework. Think ruby on rails, but for React. You can learn more about it here

1UpBlitz comes with the following:

  • Create multiple plans

  • Plan upgrading and downgrading

  • Roles & Permissions for workspaces

  • Invite users to a workspace

  • File upload api routes and an included react-dropzone form component

  • Smart slug generator

  • Search & Paginated table component

  • End-to-end tested with cypress

I'm having a release sale of 25% off over at producthunt. Check it out

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