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Discussion on: Explain the State of WebAssembly to Me

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Could you share your conclusions with us?

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Josie Bigler

I was unable to effectively call web assembly to make my Conways Game of life faster. I got to the point where i could create a WASM binary and could call the binary in JS, but learning WAT to create the modules was a lot, especially to do anything meaningful.

I then looked into using other tools to compile WASM binaries, namely AssemblyScript. I had trouble creating the binaries because there is (or was) a bug preventing it from working on my version of windows. I never got around to setting everything up on my Linux machine to continue exploring WASM, because life got in the way.

I know there are some blog posts around that have recreated Conways Game of life in WASM. Still havent seen what the performance improvement would be.