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Diego Moura

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Code newbie and anxiety!

I had plans to write about something different today. I even started on the post where I talk about my career change, moving to Canada, and how all that led me to web development, but I'm feeling a little anxious, and my first advice to destress is to - PUT IT OUT THERE! -.

Anxiety feeds on itself, and other thoughts. The more we let it locked inside our heads, the faster and bigger it grows. So, PUT IT OUT THERE! Either on a post here on, over the phone with a friend, or however you feel comfortable doing it.

For me, in particular, I rather seek guidance, advice or a kind response in people I don't really know that well, over family or close friends. You may find that weird, but that's the only way I don't feel judge. When I'm anxious, the sightless condescending tone puts me in defensive mode. Especially if it's from a person I love or care. To my relief, I don't feel the same about co-works or I would be F****. hahaha!

Se I'm even laughing by the end. Feeling lighter already! Thank you, whoever you are!

I saw the link for this post on Twitter and that's what motived me to right

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Scott Simontis

One of my favorite quotes by Donald Glover is "If you're not scared, you're not doing anything important."

I personally journal and write poetry a lot to overcome anxiety and trauma, I am glad you found a system that works for you!