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React v17.0: No new features

After a two and half-year long break, three days back ReactJS has released a new RC for React V17.0. Many of us might get disappointed with the headline mentioning No New Features. Which means they are not providing new developer-facing features. Instead, it focuses on react itself.
The React 17.0 makes itself to upgrade easier. Previously if we want to upgrade react we need to upgrade all or none. But after V17, you can partially upgrade your application to the newer version. Which means multiple react version can run inside a single application.
To accommodate this feature they need to modify a few other things as well. One such major break is on Event Delegation. Previously React actually attaches most of the event listeners to the document itself. But now, they are attaching these events to the Root node. Which means, all the events are attached to their respective root nodes. This makes it easier to have multiple react versions under a single document.
To surprise you more, this change makes easier to embed the React with other technologies such as JQuery.
They have fixed many potential issues and added more breaking changes. To know more about the conference visit this link

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