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Dhanush N
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Dev Retro 2023: Journey in review


Hey folks, Dhanush N here, and its time for a little heart-to-heart about my 2023 journey. If you caught my story last year, you know we had a cool subtitle of Ikigai and I was able to snag a spot among the DevRetro2022 2nd 20 runners-up. This year I embraced the Art of Consistency in 2023 as stated in the blog posts subtitle. If you read the entire thing, youll understand why. So Lets dive in !

Best Things Happened:

As the year 2023 started with a victory as my Dev Retro blog was among the 2nd 20 runners up, I decided to do something better this year.

Mail for winning DevRetro2022

I did a lot of opensource contributions this year, and wrote many blog posts. This year Hacktoberfest 2023 was much exciting for me. Last year 2022 it took a while for me to contribute and complete hacktoberfest but this year 2023 I was superfast and was able to contribute and complete it in a single day.

Last year 2022 I participated in Hacksquad and was ranked #8 out of 750 teams in Hacksquad. Top 1.06% in Hacksquad, this year 2023 was able to acquire Top 21st position over 2000+ teams

The open-source adventures this year I made meaningful contributions that now adorn my Holoping board with numerous badges. Each badge tells a story of collaboration and growth within the coding community.

Also, my github profile has gained much traction. Suddenly one fine day I got a gihub sponsor from typesense for my opensouce contributions which made my day.

Also I won a Hackathon and secured the first position. Checkout the project Harmony Code and I am sure you would like it.

Next was the leetcode marathon, few years back I did a challenge on 100 Days of Code which was my first consistent coding way, so I thought to do something better than that, In the year 2022 I was able to gain 50+ days badge in leetcode by solving data structures and algorithm problems

In contrast, I was able to complete more than 500 problems this year 2023 and earn a 300+ days badge.

Image description

Not only that, but I also finished the 365 days of daily Leetcode. Hopefully, this will increase my problem-solving ability by at least 1%. πŸ˜…

Im glad to have all the badges for every month of 2023.

Image description

Adding a dash of creativity, I embarked on a Video Creation Journey. Over 50 videos, most of them were random quick shorts waiting for you to explore. Some were horrible πŸ˜‚ but I am learning and improving steadily. Now started making long form content as well. Your support and thoughts are more than welcomelets make this a community for more such interesting things to come

Every video will make you smarter βœ…


Ended 2023 with 300 subscribers, lets see how 2024 goes 🎊

Beyond the screens and code, 2023 was also about personal well-being. Consistent gym sessions and a commitment to exercise brought a different kind of strength to the journey.


And there you have itmy 2023 journey in a nutshell. From coding conquests to fitness feats, its been a year of growth, learning, and mastering consistency. I would have mentioned atleast 70% of the learnings and journey in this blog. More about the existing accomplishments and more accomplishments on tech learnings, hacking, cybersecurity etc. would try to cover in the upcoming blogs. The journey continues, and Im excited for what lies ahead.

A Big Thank You πŸ™πŸ»

If youve made it this far, thank you! Your follow, support, likes, comments, and shares mean the world to me. Lets keep the momentum going, and looking forward to the adventures yet to come! πŸŒŸπŸš€

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

What an awesome year, Dhanush! Major congrats on everything. Awesome to hear you participated in Hacktoberfest πŸŽƒ and lovin' see all these badges. This was a fun read!

So I don't know if you're thinking about setting goals again for this year, but we have a tag called #devresolutions2024 that we're encouraging our community members to post under and share their goals for the new year.

Check out our announcement post here and hope you'll consider participating!

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Sure Micheal, thanks for letting me know

officialphaqwasi profile image
Isaac Klutse

Great article, I enjoyed it and I'm inspired.

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚